1. Inspection, Sort, Rework and Containment services

1.1. Representation for International Product and services in South Africa

Our services are effectively used by International Companies that supplies products and services into South Africa. We stand in for the companies as their representatives to ensure that all required services and corrective actions are conformed to. (Resident Engineer)

We are an independent company and are therefore seen as a service provider that offers guaranteed impartial and confidential services.

Our services are normally used by Suppliers that have a high claim rate, or those that need to improve their relations by having 3rd party support and visual exposure at the customer.

The cost saving on Traveling costs for International companies is also a Major justification for using Local services.

Monthly Services could include:

  • Pre-inspection of raw materials before receiving into the plant. Warehouse or Receiving inspection
  • Final inspection of products before shipment to customer
  • Review and verification checks at customer or as per your specific instructions
  • Onsite sorting, rework, inspection actions as may be required
  • Logistical verifications & control
  • Customer communication requirements
  • Customer visit and reporting requirements

1.2. Inspection and Containment services for Local Services and Manufacturing plants

  • Receiving Inspection and Containment of products from Suppliers
  • In-process Inspection or Containment of products
  • Final Inspection or Containment of Products
  • Third Party Containment before shipment of Products
  • Reworking of products
  • Sorting exercises
  • Regular communication and actions that promote a pro-active environment
  • Corrective action investigation support
  • Supplier verification Support
  • Periodic presence at the customer to ensure pro-active support
  • Verification of quantity, quality and timing to simplify imports / exports

2. Consulting Services

2.1. Quality Management Support at Sites

Assistance with the development of defensive strategies to reduce the risk of customer dissatisfaction.

Ensuring that Customer Specific requirement are implemented, communicated and maintained to ensure a positive balance between Price of conformance and the price of non-conformance. Assistance to identify your waist that leads to reject % and to implement improvements to reduce the risks for reoccurrences.

This process is normally agreed via a Consultation agreement to a set time.

2.2. Quality Management system implementation and Maintenance Support

Implementation of SHEQ Management System. From Gap analysis to Certification with the required Certification bodies following the processes as described by the International stands.

Support on pre-audits to ensure pro-activeness and effectiveness of integrated systems and preparation for certification audits.

Implementation of Isoright as a cloud based Management system. This tool is used by all new Customers that is required adhere and implement the ISO standards, and any company that needs controls in Documented information requirements.

Monthly support on Supplier, Internal Process Audits and Product Audits.

IsoRight Implementation

What is IsoRight?

An online quality management system that:

  • supports your ISO certification goals
  • drives continuous improvement
  • is proactive about quality not reactive
  • is designed to guide your actions

What can you do with IsoRight?

  • Implement a compliant SHEQ cost effectively
  • Simpler and faster QMS audits for ISO Standards
  • Intervene rapidly on quality, reducing rejects and rework costs
  • Facilitate continual improvement of your delivery
  • Manage and communicate quality objectives, processes and improvement actions
  • Ensure employee participation with quality initiatives

What does IsoRight address?

  • Control your Process Documents to ISO standards
  • Manage your Suppliers
  • Manage your Customers
  • Get Employees insights
  • Manage Quality objectives and meeting outcomes
  • Assign and track tasks
  • Take corrective actions
  • Audit your quality
  • Detail your Products
  • Track your Production